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Whether you need assistance with Media Buying, Media Sales, Email Marketing, Online Project Management, Business Consulting, Networking or you find yourself in need of an expert advice, xHardy® is here for you.

We bring you the freedom to focus on other important aspects of your businesses without the hassle of having full-time employees. Get the services you need, when you need them, while monitoring and measuring performance.


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Explore our services and find out what we can do for you and your company

Media Buying

Negotiate and purchase audience-targeted advertising space to convey your marketing message.

Media Sales

Create effective campaigns and maximize the revenues from your advertising space.

Email Marketing

Managing your Newsletters to build loyalty, trust, brand awareness or to send advertisements.

Push Notifications

Increase engagement with your service and improve user retention rates using push notifications.

Project Management

Planning, executing, controlling and closing the work to meet your success criteria for online projects.

Business Consulting

Professional advice for your sales, marketing, social media, brand & service development areas.

Social Media

Making use of the social media platforms and websites to promote your products & services.

Lead Generation

Identify and cultivate potential customers that are interested in your company’s products /services.

Events & Trade Shows

Representing your company and promoting your products /services at various Events & Trade Shows.
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What works best for you? An hourly fee or a percentage on success?

Money talks…


Each service we provide has its own price based on the amount of work hours we put in. One work hour has a value between $25 and $100, depending on the expertise required for the job and the number of people involved.

On some services, like Media Buying and Media Sale, for long term partnerships, we can also work on a fixed commission, between 5% and 15%.

Yes, there is also the option of working on a monthly subscription basis.

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Stuff to read when you have the time and you wish to find out more about us and our services

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Get to know us little bit better.

Long story short…

xHardy® is a digital consulting company with clients and presence in Europe, United States of America and Canada.

We are a team of digital thinkers focused on getting the best results when it comes to developing or managing online services & products.

Working with us means having your own team to design, develop, analyze, negotiate, network and smile for you.

Consider us an extension of your company, dedicated to improving your impact, your usability and customer conversion, your media sales and media buying as well as representing your company in important meetings, at trade shows and other events you can’t attend…

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